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Welcome to the 2007 version of the REM Catalog website. Those of you who are familiar with the 7-1-71 issue will undoubtedly notice that this site is being hosted by a new party. From my perspective, at least, virtually all of the previous information about the 7-1-71 issue has been provided by Roy E. Mooney, the long-time champion of the “7-1-71 Affair”. I am honored that Roy has allowed me to attempt to carry on his efforts. As is the case with trying to follow all great men or women, I have no chance to fill Roy’s shoes. Instead, it is my hope that I can find new shoes that will some day be as difficult for someone else to fill as Roy’s are today. And while I accept the fact that I will fail to fill Roy’s shoes, I will not let that prevent me from trying.

As a brief introduction, I am a collector of 7-1-71s, having started corresponding with Roy in early 2000 about the issue. Virtually everything I know about the issue I learned from Roy over the last seven years. I think I have learned a lot, and yet I realize my knowledge is only a tiny fraction of what Roy knows about this intriguing area of first day cover collecting. Even if I live as long as Methuselah, Roy would still have forgotten more than I could ever remember about 7-1-71s. And those of you who know Roy know that he has an excellent memory!

So, what’s this website all about? I think the introduction to Roy Mooney’s award winning philatelic exhibit says it best. It states, in part “7-1-71 was the date that the old Post Office Department changed to the new [United States] Postal Service. Many big changes were planned. One thing to start was to encourage stamp collecting. The Postal Service stamp was to be issued with first day cancels available at all 33,000 postal facilities. A cachet[ed] envelope was to be given free. For the price of the 8 cent stamp and the local postmark, this became a first day cover.” And those first day covers are what this website is all about. Enjoy your visit. If you have any thoughts you would like to share with me on this website or the 7-1-71 issue, click on the Contact us link.

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